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Expand international cooperation in agriculture

Expand international cooperation in agriculture

In response to the "The Belt and Road" construction and agriculture actively go out and go out in the promotion of agricultural science and technology of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has done a lot of work. At present, agricultural technology and products have been all over the world in Asia and Africa, the United States and Europe in more than and 150 countries and regions, 61 new technologies and new products in the fields of breeding, plant protection, animal medicine, Agriculture sprayer machine and implements go out.

It is understood that the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences researchers used green super rice molecular breeding technology, breeding target countries for Asian and African second generation of green super rice and hybrid rice. At present, countries and regions in Asia and Africa targets a total of 38 Green Super Rice and 26 Hybrid Rice Varieties by approved and paid to farmers. Green Super Rice Varieties compared with local varieties generally increased by 20% to 30%. In the target countries to participate in the regional test of green super rice varieties have 128, of which 96 in Southeast Asia, Africa, the 32. Expects the next two years there will be a large number of super rice varieties through the validation and promotion of planting. Green Super Rice in Africa and the target of national promotion reached a total area of 2 million 100 thousand hectares, of which 450 thousand hectares of southeast Africa, 1 million 700 thousand hectares, is expected to increase farmers' income $546 million.

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